I Love Me. (A reminder)

Anyone who knows me or just looks at me know that I much appreciation for Graffitti and Street Art. There is something about saying everything when taking a photo.. But it's everything when you say everything with a spray can.  From Unicorns and rainbow to Banksys and Marilyn's No matter what its a statement.  And what i love more then is just point blank text. Few words, big statement.

I cam across Curtis Kulig's ' Love Me' piece in New York which eventually came  to Los Angeles, and I was instantly in love. Besides the fact that I obsess over Love. the idea it, the passion, the Lana Del Rey kinda love, it maybe the not understanding it at all that intrigues me..i dont know. But there is something about the words LOVE ME that when i read, it was read like a question and though to  me it is a subtle plea for love but also a bold directive to someone to accepts as he/she is..  It May have been the time in my life when I may have felt I needed to ask the question because of doubt or cause its nice to hear who knows all I knew was I appreciated Curtis' thought.  

When I went to Tattoo Lounge to get this I felt I wanted to get this statement and though i felt it was both a plea and and demand.. I needed it to remind me and tell me and demand from me to me.. I love me.  At the time and still some days good and bad, I have to look at that tattoo and remind myself that I need to love myself before anyone could love me. Thats referring to how I treat myself and again, I forget sometimes who the priority it. That Im important and I care about myself enough today.   And so, with a little fill in the blank underline 'I" was written.  

One day ill master it. 

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