Wings: Bond with family (Sister and Mother and I)

 May 6th, 2008   June 9, 2008

May 6th, 2008

June 9, 2008

Growing up we weren't very religious. Sure we were the broke Catholic  and the only time we went to church was for major holiday (was it a coincidence that every time i remember going to church and falling asleep there would always be an earth quake? ) 
When growing my mother pretty much told us to believe whatever we want to believe as far as a higher power or something just dont be so naive to think there is something.  OK, makes sense. One I do remember was she would talk about our angels. How we have them they look over us and they wont help unless you ask. 
As i grew older, there were things that had happen that was proof that clearly someone  or something was looking over me.  

I would commute from San Bernardino to Santa Monica for two years as I got my Associates, while still living and working full time back in San Bernardino. Most of those 45-1hr drives I dont remember but I made them all home safely.  
Separate from that a car accident that I literally walked away from. Being told if i would not turned my wheel then the impact of hitting the tree after going through the city triangle billboard would have ended a bit different.  There are more examples but thats another day. 

So, the wings, So my mother was very pro tattoo and anti-piercings. So, our bonding time was through our visits with my beautiful friends Patti and Swag. Patti who I worked with Pre-AJ years at Circuit City and Swag her amazingly talented husband, they both owned the tattoo shop, The Tattoo Lounge.  

P.s mind you Swag passed unfortunately but he was one of the longest committed relationships I ever had. So, i am capable. Miss you swag. 

It began with my getting a angel on her ankle it had my initials and my sisters initials.  Not sure if I or my sis came next but my sister got female angle in the center of her back.  So, to follow suit I proceed to get the angel wings. Three sessions, Three hours each. 
First session: outline both wings 
Second session: shading 
Third session: expansion

So, those wings are symbol of the bond that I have with my family. The two most important and beautiful women in my life who both helped me to be a good man, or the very least supports me in all my ventures and hold my hand when doubt overrides everything. 

(It is clear and obvious I am not angel nor do i pretend to be one  )

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