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Actions Are Louder Series

Right now, in the times that we are currently living in, are times of mass confusion.  I feel there has been a shift from what was once a glare of hope in all of ours eyes to becoming a society of discomfort. What we are feed and exposed to in either in the news or social media are all elements of negativity and doubt that accumulates over time and ends up with where we are today. Lacking Care, Compassion, kindess and leaving everyone just numb.  That is a feeling very familer to me and it left me with so many questions.     

 Actions Are Louder began as a way for me to find answers of questions I was asking the universe while I sat in my numb. What is my purpose? What is the point? and why is this world so fucked up? I threw my hands up. That is until I was willing to really listen and it was then that I knew how to get my questions answered. Simply ask them. And who would I ask? those right in front of me. 

This whole time I had individuals around me who clearly have the answers. They are all wearing honest smiles and all doing what they love - and so one by one i asked if i can inquire within. And they kindly agreed. And so started the Conversation.                                                                                                              I Didn't go into these conversations with a list, i went into it ready to listen.  Each individual is living a different Experiences, from Different professional fields; the labels and the boxes they fit in are not of importance but what was important is that they are human just like you and me. We Doubt, We Fear, We hold ourselves down - and sometimes the act of doing something is the hardest thing to do... But allow this series to remind you that Though all this is true- we are our own worst enemy. But we too are the only ones who can change it. For doubt lets now Believe. Fear let's now Overcome. Each of these individuals are there to show you how capable you actually are. that we can turn a negative Positive. That we can literally do anything.                                                 

This series has been something that has helped me on my Journey, Immensely.  Too accept, to see, to understand. I only hope that this little contribution can bring something Positive out of all this negative and allow us to see the inspiration that is right in front of us.   




Everything I create, it being either as a sole piece or a collaboration - it is built with Love, and my heart, and every once of the passion and creativity that runs through my blood.  



About Me


I have created this page to have a home where my thoughts, perspective and creativity can collectively all live together. 

Growing up with the itch to create was always a thing I had to do. With a supportive family who stood behind me through it all - I have had THE opportunity to always allow myself to take chances and follow every dream I had. 

With vast variety of experiences and memorable moments throughout not only my career in television but in life - I sit in gratitude to be able to have this platform to share and express what it is that I love about my now- while appreciating my then.  

Thank you for taking time to see, watch, read or stalk this site  but most importantly...