Hello old friends

Once upon a time we were so close

So close we were as one

Bringing others in, to be even closer then close.

With a welcome mat before our feet, nothing but closer was the only option.

Why were we so welcoming ?

Or was the loneliness that has us begging for people to come run through us?

While we are face to face though and as we see our then so vividly I want to apologize...

Apologize for the bumps and the bruises.

The pain that I inflicted on you as I welcomed the wary.

I didn’t put you into consideration, hell I assumed you liked it...or just told myself that to feed my hunger.

Without a choice though.. you took it like a trooper.

You left the lost so envious of the unconditional stance we had, you and i.

But now , To I see you so fresh and standing tall...l smile.

You’re working with the team - mind body and soul and for that I thank you.

Thank you for sending the message of hope to all that needed to know -

Thank you for not giving up on me as much as I filled you with filthy and unnecessary toxic everything... sigh.

My idea, my wants and false hopes and my lost got lost in translation

And only left you grasping for air.

I see you now smiling and my smile follows.

And my body stands tall for the you you are. Then and now. 



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