A YEAR LATER: Women's March Los Angeles


It is hard to process that it was one year ago today that the world was all standing up, holding hands together in an historic event that was The Women's March.   

It was a time of darker skies even under the brightest sun. So many people were in this state of  indescribable emotions and feelings about our new reality.  I myself was in this new dimension of trying to process what was vs what we all thought was impossible.  

Well here we are a One Year Later. Not blown into bits, Not in a new war. All still standing but with a lot more noise surrounding us.  Its fascinating and disheartening to see that though nothing drastic has came from the leadership - nothing still has yet gotten better -just stagnate.  And for the whom I am referring to regarding not getting better... is the human.  

On January 20th 2017, the human spoke. Humans everywhere chose to come together for each other.  And at this moment again individuals are coming together to speak up again.  

I just wanted to relive my One year ago. That was my time with Dove Rose Grennan. There are individuals who come into your life and when you see them you see their light. These individuals are special gifts.  Prior to this event I wanted to know more - so it was determined to ask the source. Who can I talk to about this Women's event and how do I get that person to say yes to talking to little old me.  The Facebook page for the event was where I started. I looked at the name of the individual who created this page and I emailed that person. And that individual was Dove.  And when I reached out to ask if she would be interested in Actions Are Louder Series , she said yes and instantly committed to sitting down with me the day after the event. Because this inquire I had was a week and half before the event - there wasn't really any room to schedule or plan which I was ok with because I much rather work organically then by a book. 

On the day of the march I ran around downtown just me and my camera. Shooting, experiencing, being inspired by and appreciating the humanity that I was engulfed in.  


The adrenaline I got from witnessing first hand something of this magnitude - was rightfully readying me for the conversation I was about to have with Dove the following day.  

Soaked from the rain that Los Angeles got doused in,  That following morning I arrived wet to Dove's Bodies, her studio, as her yoga meditation class was concluding.  I was welcomed in and she kindly asked for a few seconds to finish her tasks.  So as I dried off, and set up I just observed.  As she said her good-bye and hugs I just noticed presence. Her presence that she has for ever individual she is infant of. Undivided attention and attentiveness along with love and compassion for that person who she is eye to eye with.  I was witnessing genuine human connections at its best.  

Once she was done I then realized, crap now I have her attention, her full attention. Kind of scary feeling when your not use to it.  But she was accommodating, she was willing, she was heart from beginning to end.  Mind you this was a gift of an experience because every individual who I have shared prior on Actions Are Louder were all friends or connected close to where it we had history to interaction before.  But Dove and I have our first conversation on camera and it was perfect.  

This conversation shared with me the humanity that exists today even in the numb. I myself had a big hiccup with understanding and accepting that there are mean people in the world. That there people who hurt others for self reward or validation. That was something I couldn't process in the tiny bubble of fairy dust and bubbles world I use to live in.  And also, before I sat with Dove,  I myself was on the crawl of coming outta my darkness. I was jaded, I was bruised, I needed a new word for lost. Numb though does describe most of it. And that wasn't even because of the election that was just my head.  At this time I had the strength to want to be in my light. And it was the universe that aligned us together that validated that I was on the path. 

Sitting across from Dove and having a human connection ( something too that was few and far between) with this individual  was a gift.  This is what it looks like to live your light. This is what a human looks like who lives her life in her right.  This is what it looks like to care for everyone. This is what it looks like to love everyone. This is what is looks like to love and accept yourself. This is what it looks like to be present. This Is what it looks like to understand. This is what it looks like to be Human.  


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