the echo 

The moment in time when it was realized i was in an echo 

was a time that i felt once again defeated.  

Succeeding at nothing, but mastering at the pattern.  

To distance from the grip did not increase the outcome to clarity but instead u-turned back into the echo.  

Realizing i am not he, am i trying to be he? why would one exit from being the version he hated being and slide so casually into role no different then the the suit once worn.  

I am but fearful of the me i forgot i once was.  Being lost in the other,  being lost in being lost has finally took its toll, leaving me with little change but a pocket full of doubt. 

I am ready to begin, I am ready to claim my last cat life and understand finally something else. 

anything else.. something beneficiary to something bigger then the everything now.

aj moralesComment