Where does one begin?  How does one make a digital imprint? How does one prepare digital content? Cleared music for a just in case senerio or any music just so you can get the instant gratification of putting it out into the universe.  Cleared music is not a dime a dozen, it seems to be quite harder to find.. like trying to seek out new artist that could possible contribute to a passion project idea that could possible go places.. but right now it a chicken or the egg senerio.  How does one take this once passion project and make it into something that people can be inspired by. How can i collectively ask for help from the creative forces that i have come in contact with through my years of work and life, how can i get more people involved. when i don't even know where to begin.  

There is always a point of big ideas that i run from. It could be the point of what if fails. or what if it does work out. or what if it doesn't work out and i wasted all my time or what if it does work out and there are people that are dependent on it and what if i fail them. there are a thousand and one what if's and what once never scared me has become much closer lately.  

So again i say out loud how do i begin.. what is the right way to do this.? because its time.  Time long over due. 

there are a thousand and one more questions.    

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