36 things I learned in my 36 years


1. Love is not a thing or something you can touch or force or convince. It is not even something you can say or write. Love is something that you do. its an action.  

2. Life is simple. It so simple that we overthink, overdue, overwork, underwork, justify everything which i turn complicates everything which in turn makes everything harder to do, to deal, to accomplish. Accept that life is simple.  Accept you can not control it, you or anyone else and just appreciate the moment, the now, the experience, the person sitting next to yo,u the people you love , and the person you see in the mirror. 

3. Appreciate every human connection you have but first acknowledge everyone as a human and not "a someone."  "someone" drove me here, "Someone" told me that... , "someone" the other night.... We are" not someone's", you are not a someone.  We are each a human being that feels, that speaks, that listens and talks. So do be so selfish and self centered and ask your lyft driver "how are you today" and actually listen.   

4. you are no different then them or he or she or i and vice versa.  

5. Having everything doesn't always mean you have anything and having nothing doesn't always mean you have nothing. 

6. Feelings are only feelings and feelings pass. 

7. Its ok to say you are not ok. 

8. If you fear you will be just like someone you dislike, odds are you are more similar then you would like to admit. So don't convince yourself you  will never be like your father. Dont convince yourself you will not do what he did. Do not try and convince yourself you are better then him...because you are not. let that go otherwise you will follow his footsteps and when that realization hits your world will be jolted. So save yourself years of therapy and just appreciate him for what he did do, even if it was just giving you life.  He did the best he can with what he was capable of doing at that time.   

9. forgive yourself.. accept that you only human. 

10. Time is only an issue if you make it an issue otherwise its just 24hours in a day. 

11. Your biggest enemy is yourself and biggest competition is the person closest to you. 

12.  The universe is on your side. Listen when it talks or puts something in front of you to see or that person for you to meet. 

13. you have to accept that you deserve happiness to be able to truly be happy. 

14. It is very likely that if you never knew fear before you will eventually meet it face to face and because you didn't know it before it is harder to accept its existence, which in turn makes it tougher to move past it. 

15. Its ok to change your mind. 

16. Passion is the only that makes you unique. Do not be afraid of it being your core or your heart.  It will take you everywhere you want to go.

17. That i am not always right but sometimes neither are you. 

18. That my thinking will never be your thinking and your thinking will never be my thinking but what can be is that we take the time understand each others thinking.  

19. Accepting is harder then forgiving. 

20. You may never know what someone else is going through even when you assume you know. 

21. The greedy ones are the one's who you dine with and ask "how is your meal?" not cause they are curious of your review of the meal but because they want to taste your food. 

22. If you want to know who a person really is ask them, "what is success to you?" that will tell you everything. 

24. you are not your mistakes or your errors or disappointments.

25.  Forgive yourself. 

26. Ego is an epidemic, its taking people left and right. Take your medicine of humble every day and you won't become a dick. 

27. This thing called life is not a contest. Your sad, your happy, your struggle or your pet giraffe is not more important than mine. 

28. There are people who love to hear themselves talk. So much so they don't realize that the question they asked was meant for them the whole time. Diverting the conversation back to them is easy to do because they don't really care your opinion but they do care that you should care. 

29.  Family is number one. 

30. Don't say yes because you think you should say yes because you want to.

32. tell everyone you truly love you love them every chance you get. When you think about someone tell them, text them, write them that you are thinking about them. I be that little thought will help that person at that moment.  

33. It is an issue once you make it an issue so just cautious of what it is you say out loud is an issue. 

34. My mom is the best person in my world because even if i may or may not have given up on myself she is right behind me pushing me and motiving me and inspiring me... she has not ever given up on me.  Mom's are the hardest job in the world and they are the most selfless people i have meet. #teammoms

35. You are capable of anything and everything when it comes to love, life and your career.  Art can be a "real job" so be whatever you want when you grow up. 

36. don't give up on yourself.  


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