Are You Comfortable in Your Own Skin? No? Then Sit down.


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just wanted to say that i have the upmost respect even more for kimkardashian. I am just a nobody in sea of nobodies when it come to my opinion counting at all but we all have a voice and if we dont use it someone will use it for us. So here it is. 

Photo credit: Kim Kardashian

this pic took the internet by storm once again. And though at first i was that person/ fan who was kinda tired of this kinda expression. I mean its a wash and repeat move that i feel shes grown a bit old for but when came to the impact it on opening a discussion my perspective flipped, and once she felt a level of frustration {i assume considering all the bullying she got for the photo from everyone expecially other women}  to those whom nay say and wrote an open letter giving her reason behind the photo { which kind of annoying that she felt she had to] I now remember again why i am #teamkardashians.  

She says it all right. bottom line.  

where my input and frustration is - is at society.  Why? why do we feel the need to bitch and point fingers an belittle our fellow man? there is pride, there is confidence there is nothing negative about a woman flaunting her body. Her vagina isnt all up your face and she is classy with her selfie approach so why the fuck does everyone feel the need to bitch?  

There are people kids, boys, girls, adult, large, thin, athletic, curvy, thick, short, tall, trans, post, you, us, them, her, he, she and i who are all human and most of us cant say outloud that we are proud to be in our own skin.

I myself am confident, yes.  and i may have an ego. yes.  and load a ton of my vanity on instagram daily.  but my insecurities and fears these are character defects that i am working through because i have a ton of them. the shame for one reason or another also character defect that i am working through. At this moment in life i am  again slowing getting comfortable in my own skin. i cant say im proud of the who i am.. not today..   

I once compared myself to other. I dont have their muscles,  i am not that handsome, i am not that tall, i am not that athletic, my cock is not the size of 12 inch cucumber, I compromised myself to be something others wanted, for godsake i didnt allow anyone to love because i didnt love myself. and what did that get me? years of being lost, fearful, abusive towards myself, angry, putting myself in not healthy situation, addiction, and carelessness towards things because i didnt care, i was not worthy.  i wasnt what they/he/she everyone wanted and trying to adjust myself, my beliefs, and my capability which were all just ways to destroy myself because i wasnt comfortable in my own skin nor happy with where and who i was. So, if someone can post with pride a nude fucking photo because they are proud, dont be jealous or envious or bitter or angry or resentful. be supportive. Fuck take a nude pic yourself support her by showing the world you are comfortable in your own skin and who gives a fuck what bs people say.. until you do it and say and beleive these words "i am proud of who i am, and am comfortable so much in my own skin" just shut you mouth. you have no reason to speak and complain because that is you that needs to do the work not Kim Kardashian.   

right now im getting there to say those words.. so trust - there will indeed be some almost nude pics coming your way once i myself believe it. Until then #benude #beproud #besupportive 

photo credit : Sharon Osbourne

    Photo credit:  Ellen Degeneres


Photo credit: Ellen Degeneres

thank you for letting me share.   

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