In the midst of everything going on.. On being what is now all just old news- something actually came to fruition for me. Well a few things actually but one in particular is that I never realized the AIDS cycle literally was for me. 

This is top goal that donations raised contribute to:

 $50,000 will help a medical team provide 2 months of leading edge medical care in our Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic for 300 patients living with HIV.

that clinic actually saved my life. That clinic actually is a big reason why I am the healthiest I have ever been. Everyone involved with the Jeffrey Goodman special care clinic from each person at front desk who has checked me in, nurse who's weighted and check vitals, that financial screener who made it all possible, dr. Carpenter who cares, who's main focus was my well being (among a cattle call of others just Like me, to Grazel who listened and suggested. To Toby and Jenna and others and more but especially it all possible because of one individual who went above and beyond to help me when I walked into the center at 117 pounds and when my body was inches away from throwing in the towel that a Councelor named Stevens main priority was to help save my live. This service and all of these individuals who ultimately see my warriors are my reality.. And it's realized when I read the goals for the cycle that it's everyone who rides, who raises money- they all- you all are Also a big part of  my journey and the reason why my story didn't stop being weitrn but are all the reasons why I am here today laying with a mass of gratitude. So I thank everyone for saving my life. 

please help and donate to this cause.  Not for me cause I have my angels thankfully, donate to cause there are so many other sons, brothers, cousins, neighbors, and friends who  are too afraid to ask for help, who's journey took them down an unfarmiliar path, who is In a rock Bottom and doesn't know that The Jeffery Goodman services even exist, for the person who is alone or feels alone or is too afraid to want anything better, donate because they all were and could be anyone of us, and don't we all deserve a second chance at life?  I am grateful I had mine. 

This is one of many people who are riding this June that are seeing donations and next year the plan is for my niece and I to ride and too see out donations. But for today donate here to a new friend with a light that is very contagious and whos heart is quiet catching, and his passion for this cycle is beautifully humbling.  Michael Rodrigez. 


Please and thank you.  

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