That WA$ then. This is LIKE BUTTON NOW

once upon a time a man had a little idea of putting 6 stranger into one house, and guess what people stopped being polite and started being real.. who'd have thought?! well an social curiosity became the door to dates, bug eating, carrots, Cliff diving, icey roads, tattoos and a little girl who drinks way too much soda.  The house hold names were no longer Tom Cruise or Madonna but Kim, Cate and Kat. I mean grandmas can tell you which Kardashian they relate to most. Mine says Kortney.  

Point being that once upon a time we started to care what other people did so much so i was able to make a carrer out of! in the most rewarding way possible.  (sometimes)  Well what was the dream job for me was the devils work for some people. Those people being once who blamed reality for destroying our kids, and our terrible social skills and causing cancer..  Reality got the slack because it was "mindless" and it "took over the "real tv"  people were famous for nothing... blah blah blah..  dumb dumbs 

well my point is times are changing and in one way Reality isnt to blame anymore for society being less interested in important things.. like.... uhhh.... whos at the grammys? 

well move over Dance moms there is a new reality in the house.. and thats.. digital content.   The fellow reality associates that once ruled the school with me are shifting over to the digital world.. why you ask? I said you ask!   :)  because we as society love making everyone a someone.. lets care and listen to the kid who can make fart noises with his arm pit or the cat that can open a door.   press the like button or the follow button and jump in that cattle call of being a follower and make the everyone a someone. To be of importance isnt the training and experience  but if you can make interesting not interesting or say something about nothing or nothing about everything.. that will determine your social status.. and a Like button will soon be our currency.. 

one large coke?  thatll be 34 likes please.   

Now i wonder those people who said that reality were making nobodies somebodies.. how do they feel not that we are making an even bellower layer important.   bet you dont think Kris is famous for nothing now- that bi#ch made diamond golden eggs outta a piece of gum.. this new digital reality hybrid can only give you a tutorial about Kardashian cauntoring but (i lost my thought here) 

anyway reality isnt reality because the new reality is whats sweeping the nation and though its great that we can all now be a someone if you have an iphone, a cat and a editing system.. helps the introverted become more social but does it help the social become less driven?  

in a world of "there is no first place we are all winners" or "heres a award for having a good attendance and heres one for putting your pants on right" does this make us all more likly to not try harder for something bigger then themselves there is too much to compete with no matter what area of something you too are intrigued by?  does this make the everybody just say "ok even though i do want to be a photographer - that persons photos looks same style as mine-   the world doesnt need two of the same" making more people followers and a very few leaders.. 

 i dont know the first thing about any of the digial buzz feed youtube ways of living.. In my day i did BTS clips for fun.. for an outlite to be creative and work with friends and people who i could learn from.. now i dont know if i have to make that into my real job, how to make it a real job or just accept that i have to get a real job job.  

me: McDonalds are you hiring? 

Ronald Mcdonald: yes but only to people who have more the  4K followers. 

me: fuck. 

Times are changing in my world and as i grasp my reality and let go of wondering if i will get a call for another great show such as the one's i was blessed to have work on or just realize that accept that its time to get a real job or learn a thing or two about an area I also feel like i missed cause i was investing too much time into my 9-5 (reality tv) again and jump into the new reality and contribute me to a what seems to be a much broader audience. or followers or subscribers or uhh emojis?    

and furthermore check out my inspirational digital conversational docu-series ACTIONS ARE LOUDER   , its just me trying to motivate someone to think bigger themselves and beleive they deserve HAPPY... its not cat playing patty cake   but my mom likes it.   

hee hee those cats are good! like button definitely pressed! 


thank you for the understanding that i cant spell. thanks californai Education-e ;)

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