Agree or dont agree. Its not bother to me. 

My words I say are just that my words. 

Lets begin. 

it is a undoubtable fact that #madonna is the queen. Sure you may ask Queen of what? or maybe puff your chest and insert an negative thought or comment of the 2 cents of what you think she is or isn't. Lets leave the two cents in the wallet, disarm the negativity and deflate your chest and lets just agree that she is the queen of entertainment. You may not like it. your judgement may be residue from your youth when your mother use to say aloud how awful or unnecessary her acts her.  

But let me just state that that unnecessary acts were maybe necessary but they were inspiring. A woman, like maybe you or your mother or grandmother , to say like is far fetch i know but bare with me, Ignore the  the upbringing,  the controversy,  the sex, the voice, the not voice, the money the demands, the choices , the photoshoots, and everything that judgment can be passed on.. ignore all of that. What do you have? A woman.   just like maybe you, your mother or grandmother. 

Now that see just a woman, the difference between your mother, or maybe you or even your grandmother, is that without those connotations that are so easy judge, this woman is an inspiration because one simple tiny impactful fact.    A fact that once you see it and hear it , I hope that an agreement is met, but the fact is and the difference is that SHE DID. 

this woman didn't merely say she want be who she is today, she acted on it. She did it.  Now doing anything is action that only bring positive. And by example this woman, though is similar should not be a punching bag or a joke from your lips but an inspiration.  Because this woman has has moved mountains, broke records, is an entertainer, and have done the unthinkable. This inspiration inspired a gay like me in 1993 when she performed Vogue on the MTV music awards.  If she had not.. I would not be who i am today. who knows how more lost a 13 year old boy i would have been if she did not DO.   So again, agree or not , its no bother to me but just give a little credit, a little kudos for a fellow human being for DOING and maybe let it inspire you to DO what your heart, your mind, desire and live your purpose.

Have you yet?

Its not too late. 

For fuck sake this TRAILER IS BANNANAS! #theinspirationalmovement 

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