Reality vs A Reality: fin


Though what seemed like a #fin, she mourned.  Throwing her face from the reflection she has never meet.. "what happen the once upon a time that stared back at me?  Where did that go? Did it ever even exist? Who even am I if I am not who I thought I was?"

As she introduces her senses to the new canvas that is her now familiar..with each pore her fear or the unknown is met with her reality that is this new.  

Doubting, questioning, if beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if was the beholder who in fact unveiled to her "a reality  "  the it's been a lie she's lived and in fact alway looked this unrecognizedable. Then what's the point?

"If I see this, this being "a reality" one that always existed apparently that I never saw. Was I in denial ? Was i cloudy with idealist dreaming in a false hope that there was  beauty in this world and it not but a place where grass can not grow and the rust off of the decay is the brightest bright can shine?  That the 'benift of the doubt' was but a 'get out of jail card' only then allowing ugly more time manifest into the monster that it has confidently owned. 

That forgiveness was but a joke on the neive allowing the ugly to grow in mass while point down at the ashes of hope that once danced with glee but now hides in fear. 

There is truth to everything that is said and revieled so the beholder that is he who clearly get haze, his truth must be a true and I must be the new unfarmiliar. 


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