Et tu, Brute?

#fbf wanna take a minute out of this day to embrase and appreciate a fellow peer. We met when i was doing a little project for a friends brand.  This projects intentions were to revist the alumnis of project runway and project runway all stars. A show that has been my family for quite some time. I felt with my experience behind the scene, and the designers on camera scene, collectively we can let people in to the show though our two perspectives.   and also what I wanted to do was humanize these designers and know more in depth the how's whys and purpose behind thier passion that is fashion  design..

though we only were able to get two interviews I'm, one still unseen, sorry gordona (I may bring it to like just because)  I still had a chance to meet two special individuals who have in their own right already left a bold legacy to leave behind .  

Costello whom when I met was juggling direction to his several seamstress, planning his next big show and working through his private clients (Beyonce anyone) and still has time to share his journey and be graful for the road he traveled and the excitement for the empire he is building.  

And what can i say about Joshua. Cheers to the new endeavor that is your current collection and hopes that the Path you chose brings you large recognition for the purpose and heart that I had when the idea was created prior our first initial meeting. 

I am unsure why you chose to do what you chose to do and carry out something I shared with you, because the light I thought in saw would be something to collaborate with and bring a new perspective to many people..

what made me pitch the idea to you.

you spoke of a need for an oppurinity to build a cumroderty/ a family / a community with all alumnis from the show. You craved something that can allow you all to be able to assist and build your guys brands and each help where help is needed and jointly support each other to take the platform that is the show and together rise to the top.

it was everything I ever wanted for every designer, success. I too wanted A place we're you guys could come out of the "after show limbo" and have a new platform to allow you all to recieve what you all deserve, true success. In stores, on every celebrities, making the business of the brands become their own entity! I want you all to have what you each deserve.

that joint purpose allowed me let you in on a little idea I held close to my heart. prototyped and developed with the help of Sonjia last season.

and what quickly became me pitching the idea results to far from actually  collaboration and now becaming what it is today ... Your future.  My nothing.    

Since you clearly needed the concept and the work, the prototyping,  and the products to bring it all to fruition,  and the contacts for the pieces that the product needs to come alive so darn bad.... I stand here asking..

How do you feel? Complete?! 

When you receive praise or kudos, do you break a little inside or own it? 

When someone says "didn't Aj..?" What is your response?

Ps was it on purpose to photograph the exact pair of 3D glasses I gave when pitching  this idea nesssasry? Apparently

what is success to you?  

did you forget Sonjia is second In command with this idea, the smart thing if you were going to play this way, would have been to create an alliance with her, rather then let her hear it though the grapevine.   she knows this idea and concept in and out because she helped me being an idea to light. 

Artist to artist. I'm hurt and I'm dishearted but can only say I hope it gets you what it is that you think you are missing right now. And if this is your big break and or gets you the acknowledgement you feel your heart is missing so much then I hope you get that need and want fulfilled.  

i end my resentment, my disappointment and my thought here.  I am no longer angry nor hurt just numb. 


Here are your words and your journey that  I was proud to share and invest my time in and create for/about you. The artist. 

Your future.  


Your praise. 


Here are a few ideas I were in process.  Throw those glasses of yours on and take a look.  



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