I Breathe Better Today

I, The artist,

the he who creates,

the person who escape/hides/ finds safety  in his editing,

the soul that is fuled by bringing ideas to fruition,

Who's  purpose In which I feel is being revealed,

Who's struggle that is to find balance in survival and creation, 

Who's struggle to find self,

Who is on the journey to understand,  

the journey to accept,  

the journey to forgive,  

the journey to relearn,  

the journey to be,

Who is on this journey to not become the "it" that constantly reveals itself in disguises  (EGO & POWER)

Who maintains and appreciates the gift that is to still feel,  

to maintain the ability to listen,

to be present,  

to give, 

to be selfless, 

to alway work on the malfunctioning I do because I was poorly built. 

To accept that Santa doesn't exist but that doesn't mean I am not capable of lassoing the moon, 

to just Continue to pull the thorns out and not accept the thorns, 

to forgive,   

To finally accept that I am but only human and so are you.  

And I be able to soon surrender to the universe because the signs are there. You have see them, and listen. 

I see and I am finally truly listening. 

Recently, a special person allowed me to hear myself talk.  He introduced me to some new knowledge of someone of most importance , Nise da Silveira.

He shared his who's, why's and how's of her journey and what he found important and meaningful - while still leaving a lot of details out. I think to once again challenge me and my curiosity.  My Curioisty indeed did spark coming to the end conclusion of something that at this time was what I think I needed to feel. Hear. Accept. 

That being that I am on the right path and that I am not crazy. 

I have never seen a therapist, I have at one point associated therapy to a state of weakness. And ignorant mentality, maybe but I always knew that it wasn't for me. Though I have made an effort finally to seek out those whom are 3rd party, not bias and disassociated with what has become my normal, and this resort who know maybe  could help my 'overthinking, rapid, bubble' that is my brain.

But I have yet.

Instead I once again have embraced consuming/expressing/ communicating myself in and through my art. My photos, my attempts at spray paint, acrylics multimedia and editing, what that content in which I edit has become my anchor through the journey...  (seeing, hearing, learning and sharing the inspiration that is around me in my Actions are louder series).

It  has been the life raft that kept me on track and though the journey has been a lengthy one, each conversation has Taught me and helped me and pushed me.. Because ACTIONS ARE LOUDER SERIES is my therapy and NISE DA SILVEIRA and another Brazilian helped me breathe better today because I now believe and see that I'm not crazy.. But a little more free... Thank you and you both for being you. 

 Nise da Silveira

Nise da Silveira

Silveira was born in Maceió, in the northeastern state of Alagoas,


Brazil, in 1905. After graduating from the Medical School of Bahia in 1926 (the only woman among 157 men


), she devoted her life to psychiatry and never was in agreement with the aggressive forms of treatment of her time such as commitment to psychiatric hospitals, electroshock, insulin therapy and lobotomy.

In 1952 she founded the Museum of Images of the Unconscious, in Rio de Janeiro, a study and research center that collected the works produced in painting and modeling studios. Through her work, Nise da Silveira introduced Jungian psychology in Brazil.

A few years later, in 1956, Nise da Silveira developed another revolutionary project for her time: the creation of the "Casa das Palmeiras" (Palms House), a clinic for former patients of psychiatric institutions, where they could freely express their art and be treated as outpatients on a daily basis. She also formed the C.G. JungStudy Group, which she chaired until 1968.

Her research on occupational therapy and the understanding of the psychotic process through images of the unconscious gave origin, along the years, to exhibitions, films, documentaries, audiovisuals, courses, symposiums, publications and conferences. She was also a pioneer in researching emotional relations between patients and animals, whom she used to call co-therapists.

In recognition of her work, Nise da Silveira was awarded decorations, titles and prizes in different areas of knowledge. She was a founding member of the International Society for Psychopathological Expressionheadquartered in Paris, France. Her work and ideas inspired the creation of Museums, Cultural Centers and Therapeutic Institutions in Brazil and overseas.

Nise died on October 30, 1999, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

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