So, as it be known I am and have been on a path probably no different then the next. My woe's are not bigger nor smaller, less important or more, my experiences are not better not greater nor any different then the next.  I have come be comfortable enough in my skin to accept me as I am and embrace the gift I have of feeling everything.

I post in the moment of feeling, in that moment i want to say out loud, sometimes sad or happy or lost or at the edge.. And I know no filter to know if it's too much information to share with everyone.  All I know is my healing is sharing it, and though, many don't listen , that is no matter because the opportunity I take in using a platform to be able to express these emotions, either through words or photos or videos or painting or other random concoctions that I build, that is my own therapy. It's me not keeping it in, If I truly speak aloud my hurt or pain then it allows me not to die inside overthinking, resetting and what if-ing. 

So if you listen, if you gather, or relate, or understand, or quietly from afar think "me too"  or not even knowledge the repetitive sometimes mass quantity of perspectives of my emotions that I post on a daily basis.. I still say thank you.  

It seems that it's time for the "it" to Happen.  IT being my obvious.  

I may get quiet on Facebook and speak via this site as this Time and shift progresses.  

I don't want bother all with my constantly changing roller coaster.  

But the two Facebook pages I run will he updated more frequently I hope.  

One being about the page about the those individuals in my life who are leading this inspirational movement that we about to soon embark on.  


Actions Are Louder

and my page that is like this site but just share my other outlets of bringing ideas to fruition.

Subtitle productions



Please and thank you.  

More to come

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