TWO PEOPLE BUT ONE (INTERNAL, you selfish bitch)



If who you see in the mirror
 is not who you believe is you. 

It's probably not. 
And that's ok. 
Try another perspective. 
Here is a story of Two People but One. 

They are two different entities entirely but for the sake of this 1st world simple understanding,  they are but one. 

at birth you become one. And for life you must get a long. 
There will be times when things will pull you apart, and others who will manipulate one of you to hurt the other.  There will be lovers favor one over the other please protect each other. 
Do not forget you two are in this together when have Doubt INTERNAL look at EXTERIOR in the mirror just acknowledge the try that EXTERIOR is actual doing. You are both sacrificing for each other. 

INTERNAL who you do see is the mirror,
Is the only person who will be there for you.  

INTERNAL who you do see is the mirror
Will do everything it takes to make you happy. 
The masks we wear. EXTERIOR dresses like a clown to make you at ease, enough to even start the day. 

INTERNAL who you do see is the mirror 
 understands when u Feel like no one does. 
EXTERIOR feels your pain, EXTERIOR is the one who has to be reminded by the scars.  INTERNAL all those times when you needed to feel, or grab attention, or get that Rush..INTERNAL you got moment emotion for all that but EXTERIOR wear the war wounds. INTERNAL when those insecurities get worse and you find the ransoms who only fuel off destroying you but physical actions, EXTERIOR wears the bruises and you feel them. 

 INTERNAL who you do see is the mirror 
Is the only person you will know how it feels 
To to not be enough. EXTERIOR  knows you don't like the way they look, or find an imperfection somewhere for one reason or another. EXTERIOR knows that nothing they do will be perfect for you INTERNAL and will willingly let you do what you need to change them. 
But bout you two just appreciate each other and accept one another. It's not about looking like something unattainable it's about we being able to get through this social experiment we call "life" together. 

So when people say you have to love yourself first before someone could love you back... 
Or embrace your alone time, 

Or anything having to do with us being happy with us. Part of that us is EXTERIOR.  INTERIOR, you will always overthink everything and control everything but EXTERIOR does a lot for you, in exchange Just let them be and embrace each other, cause ultimately that's we got at the end of the day. 
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