Right now moment # 346


Dog people, let's talk about them, you, anyone who walks their dog in the streets of Los Angeles. 

we, who don't dog walk, we know that when you walk your dog with no Baggie for their poop, that just means you left your house with no intention to clean up your mess. Let's be real.   

You put your slip flops on, as you walk to the counter or floor where you think you left the leash you excite your k-9 by letting them know That they are bothering your Netflix marathon of __(fill in the blank show)____ by you having to get off the couch... Then you probably see the doggie bags on the counter but it was just too far from the front door... Oh first world problems.. Then you have to walk down the stair with your hair in bun or man bun (in west Hollywood or silver lake living situations) and walk the k-9.....while texting.. Then as you stroll oh so leisurely contemplating the unproductive day your feline (insert animal name here) takes a number two... But oh no the bags!! Grrr (shake fist to air) uh you then realize someone is behind you... And what do you ???

you talk to you dog. ..what the fuck?  

You tell your "Let's go get the Baggie, gotta come back and pick  your poop. Let's go! (In your worst baby talk voice) 

now we all know you aren't coming back, I mean please your dog is rolling his eyes thinking "bitch, you ain't fooling no one, now let's go feed me, bitch."  

And we all know these damn signs about picking up poop are because those kinds of people who they themselves don't pick uo the poop. So, if your dog shits, you have no bags, just call it furtulizer.. But don't pretend to be the perfect parent .. Cause we all there ain't no such thing. So don't have your internal monologue outloud, we don't care that your lazy... Just tell me how great or terrible tha Netflix show is.


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