What Once Was Gold.

 Sculpture created by @carlhopgood  

Sculpture created by @carlhopgood  


What once was Gold and unattainable, from afar we stared and gawked.

These antics are where we begin this story, the moments within One wish One had forgot.  

Even from a distance, it's known by the obvious eye, that "the why " is not the reason  "but the I " is actually the why.

All believed, that the shine shined was it.  

It was,

or was it,

no answer yet.

But gold it wore so yes it must,

it is ,

to it,

it is to us.

That desire from the gawking transformed into such a Lust. 

A dangerous one but both they jumped.  

The lack of caution in the leap that stung,

With the waves of this action a new reaction began.

Intensified the scars too deep to even know.

Lust transformed into such a passion, seemingly enjoyable for both. 

Craving, wanting, needing, each other but much more,

 What are all these feelings they are feeling?

They don't even know. 

These feelings both have not known before,  

No matter nonetheless,

done is now and now is there’s.

In almost unison they surrender to the unknown.

Now though it seems this lust for the two was the peak of the peak.

Oh no.

hold tight.

more words we speak.


This passion was the dance they danced but yet two different songs each they heard.

Though sync was off as they sway,

This toxic dance caused much pain,

that pain they just danced away.

 But this dance was good, so good, you see. "Pain, what pain that's love I see." One sings.   

For now the dance has became such, 

It’s now their love, some love, less love, sure love call it what you want. 

What else do we call a love that can not love with out? 

"Right? Or wrong? Who's to say? " One continues, "What I feel I feel, what Gold shines he shines, that’s what he says." 

This love is as though stolen from the journal of Aphrodite or is a thought from the pre-trauma that Isodel has yet to face.

It's a love so blind, so perfect in One's sight,

"It’s now,

It’s us,

It’s breath,

It’s might." 

I the narrator break frame and say, “Be careful One, you have but one life. Is he worth all you sacrifice?”

But they just dance and dance and hear not me and each lose their nights, 

there for we just continue to read.  


As ladders climb and stairs arise, this love of love, clearly intensifies.

Through their vein’s this love ran, 

Without a beat, it took and claimed, 

Leaving nothing much for One to grasp, 

But One don't mind,

So take he took and that was that.  

Now as I narrate to you these words we see, does though it seem One is but only a vessel merely a concubine for he?  

Continue we go not much more I can grasp,

So hard seeing One stand high and so blind.

But who's to say this couldnt be you or couldnt be i?  


The glimmer in which began with a stare,

Left just enough for One to trust, 

But that small taste of trust may have ignited a doubt and questioned the love, One sings about?

Quietly, One twist and turns in a ball on the bed and softly One whispers, "it's me, it's me, I see, I know."  

Yet when the nay-say-ers say nay, One will stand proudly and say with calm and ease, "Ask me how I knew I saw what is true. A moment, like this Is how I knew. “

The crowd crowded around to hear of her reason,

in hopes for a glimps

To finally believe what One sees. 

“It was but a glance,

A quick glance is all that it took.

What was seen in the glance,  

was pure and in full.

For a moment it was Gold's heart,

Bright as bright can be.

Few saw but I saw, he shined it for me.

But what came quick and without thought, shared with purpose or not,

I saw what I saw, 

believe me or not.  

And before he noticed what has been exposed,

I grabbed that heart and that moment, then I hid it you see...

but only in fear. Is why it's here with me.”

A voice screams, “In fear, that is why you grabbed this moment In time?”

"Ok, fine it's not fear but it's safety, yes that's what I'll say. Safe keeping, until that one day."

One this is not greed that motived such?” 

“No, narrator not greed, or ownership, though desired that sounds.

Look. Nonetheless, i hold tight,

this grip of our truth; this heart he has,

just wait the day i show all of you.” 

The crowd disperses leaving just One, "Narrator do not worry, Gold means no harm.

When he remember his heart, he will be back to his start.

Though his actions seem tough

and my size grows much smaller,

I have hope he will come back,

And be regrettable sorry. So, i tough through the rest making his fall be of ease, cause when he sees he'll finally see." 

Time has passed a bit,

Evolving this moment that’s gripped.

It has reformed their love to something of fright.

Same feelings but not,

"What’s this Love called if not love,?" One screams from the story to us.

One.  Love is now a cancer, your love is but  fury. Do you see now? Do you see why we all worry? “

One stands so still though to process but not regret. 

Looking around to see both worlds, which have fallen flat.

Mere crumbles and dust in the wind they go,

But One grips tight that moment, and still ignores what she heard,

“The past is the past, no mater the cause or effect.”

One then turns and both at almost sync,

They continue they go,

Even now knowing what they know.  

Now this cancer,

Claiming all that it wants,

No matter the emotion or result,

What’s gone is gone.

Good bye, the romanced heart in which One still had,

Whether born with or given all no matter it's bad.

What was sad was not the vanish of what was snatched,

But how everything became the normal as though nothing turned black.

The Comfy and familiar, "pain? What pain”. One asked.

"It feels so strong inside my gut. Is that pain or love? Not I know. Or can’t not tell, it's all the same. No matter now," One says to say.  

And so once again narrator speaks, “One?  May we ask? which way is up and which way is Down?"

"Well... What’s down is up and up is down." One softly says with questionable doubt.

Too deep One is..

From the pages One yells interrupting us all,  “Narrator I’ll show you! 

You forget in this grip,

the proof that I have.

The moment to rest all the fear that is had,  

It’s the initial desire,

lust and passion,

which is clearly ending with love between two.”  

The crowd with waited breath, all stand near and on sight. 

It’s time, time Is now.

Reveal we now must.

The grip One loosens, slow but with might,

All wait to see the heart,

and the truth One claims,

which we see deep in One’s eyes.

The anticipation built as can be,

I Afraid of One’s sadness after what One wont see.

But as the grip is released all gasp in reaction,

But not of One's empty hand,

But something else completely.  

What once was gold is now a rust,  

The faux gold leaf flakes and a mask then sounds when it falls.

Leaving One but stil to see the real reality of it all.

Silent both stood, but with little energy that's left One says only this, “I am but the fool because all I ever did was believe in you."  

Slowly One left. 








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