the times are changing. commercials were starting to be fast forwarded through so the product went into the shows. Now the shows are beginning to relocate to the web.. opening a new chapter the once network to new digital. The DIY tv is more a thing because the future allowed us to speak and say what and when we watch. click click goes the likes and subscribers.. 

is the new home for new product, fresh treads, the cool water, the bling and the hair product now directed to those DYI tv visionaries.   I mean why not have the street performers on 6th ave wear TBD athleisure  (athletic-wear) but Designer Fresh designs' spring 2016 collection, and jewelry by BLING maker gun metal, as they dance to the soundtrack by FRESH NEW DJ  in-between their NEW MOUNTAIN FROM PERFECTVILLE drink breaks as their crowd of triple digits clap on  as they are recording, instagramin', twittering and liking their clip from their YOUTUBE 100k subscribers. 




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