APRIL (three years ago)

A retrospect point of view: 

April three years ago I very well could have died in that car accident. The events that lead me up to that have since changed my perspective of things and for a moment cleared my all. But again i rose to having to learn more self observation.  

this time last year my health was to shit and when coming home from NY in july and by August when finally going to the doctor learning that my health was far worse then expected; even though my appearance was making the reality very obvious, so much so that I was and would have died twice if I had avoided the inevitable, which was taking care my ignorant mentality and accepting my reality and getting what i need to be alive again and finally hearing those words  three days after my 34th birthday. (IF THATS NOT A RUN-ON SENTENCE. THANKS CALIFORNIA EDUCATION)

its time. Im using up my lives way to fast.. 

deep breath 


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