The industry vs. The Ego

The industry is tough place to be in sometimes. Shall i say choose to be in. We are the ones put ourselves in this war that is "the industry." It us that takes the wounds from "the industry" in which they throw at us... or is it?  

I'd like to give credit where credit is due.. "the industry" is actually the ideal home to bring most if not all of our ideas to fruition... That in a whole is only the exciting and opportunist platform in which giving us the chance to be heard with our craft. 

The ones who are throwing the weapons and breaking dreams, souls and hopes are "the Egos." The individuals who are threatened, who are worried, who are in fear of their own position being taken, their cover being blown or the realization that they in fact are phonies and don't actually have anything they can offer besides good face and fancy words.

I don't do what i do to feed an ego, or mother an insecurity. I dont expect that from anyone and so no one should expect such from others. 

Of course validation and acknowledgment is wonderful fuel to continue to do what we do as artists.. but egos can leave such a sour taste in your mouth after being forces to taste it one way or another.time after time..title after title or lack there of.. it makes everything i do.... less interesting for me because .... i'd rather just not deal with you devaluing me, my time, my work and just be done.



aj moralesComment