Feeling everything vs.



if you feel everything.

embrase it. It's a gift.   

Feeling everything, as overwhelming as it will be, is a gift. Every tear, even thought, every gut wrenching pain that hits your stomach like a Mac truck, every face muscle you strain from laughing so hard, every I love you you give and I love you you do or don't get back, everything little white lie you get or make, every abuse either to your ego or bruise on your face, every Yes! Or every No! Every I should have known better to I will love you till the end.. These are all gift. Gifts of having the ability to feel.  

You may think the bad will be the last bad or the good can't get any better but its likely the bad will get worse and the better will get better or vice versa either way embrase the pain, the heartache, the excitement and the glee. 

Just Imagine not feeling anything, on second thought.  Don't imagine. Save that energy for the next moment worth that energy. 

For now. Be present. You'll be stronger tomorrow because what today brought and what your survived yesterday.


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