Man vs. the giant weed


It starts as a seed. A seed we plant together. With hopes that it will grow to be a huge beautiful entity that with nurturing will become strong, and something to be proud of.  meet the parents , you know ?

Of course that is only a expectation, mostly an unrealistic one, unless that is if your name is Seamour.

Words, too many words.

in conclusion, I look at you in all your growth directly into your eyes and I tell you as you stand there being the big bad wolf, scaring me because that is what you do best. And you know what that's fine. Because why? Cause you're  doing the best you can with what you got and what you got, I don't want anymore.  You're huge your real powerful looking over me, taunting me with your words, what am I saying plants don't talk, but if they did in sure your words would have been your ammo I probably would believed everything you said because I'm a fool.  But your plant and you don't talk... That's right..

but if was know this every time you proved me wrong, every time making me feel a fool was accomplished, know this, every time  I understood your point. I did. I just didn't understand the point. Because at the end of the day what did it really do?  Benefit? You? Me? No? Neither?  Me gone? You free? Us not? 

Look , what I'm Trying to say is this. I'm just a boy standing in front of a oversized heartless monster who's ego is greater the size of the heart that I thought I once saw when the seed was once planted, and I, sillily had unrealistic expectations in you, me and us. And I'm sorry for my part, my conflict, my imperfections, my errors, my flaws, my care my disappointments, my anger, my snoring, my jealously but I am not sorry this time for yours.

 I understand what unconditional love is, I had to have to have sat here for years watching you grow to something oh so very unfamiliar.

And here we are.Eye to eye or giant weed to my eye. 

Im not scared of you, nor do I care what you think or nor do I need your validation for me to be okay with who I am.

who am i? I gotta refigure that out. I gotta to the work, the work on something that has a positive outcome, and it's time to do the work for something that has a purpose. 

Now if you will excuse me I have plants and people who not only respect by love me and there is no room for weeds where I am going. So, please enjoy your wild, or don't. I don't care. 


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