..For a hamburger today.

Though a Great Dane, he felt as but  a runt from a litter of A Chihuahua's. He puffs his chest and walks up to the attendant, wearing only but a smile, and wonder what people may think . He puts the Currency on the table with pride yet he hides in a invisible cloak, one that he wishes he had. 

"That much on number eight please, " he says with false confidence and sweat falling from his brow.  she looks at him with only a glance and small smirk, but this not with judgment but with comfort.  Allowing the Great Dane to think what he thinks while letting him know it's fine.  When he looks at her and she looks at him, he says " each nickle I counted myself. "

"and the lint?" she says :

"the lint? He says, "the lint is a bonus, a tip that is unless a nickle I did forget."  

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